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XML won’t import #AdobeCaptivate


In Captivate, you’ve exported an XML file and got it translated. When importing the translation, Captivate tells you everything went well, but in fact, it didn’t. How come?

The reason for this is the fact that an (invisible) special character is used in a ‘Text Caption’, like e.g. a bullet point or a soft return.

This special character was possibly copied from Word or some kind of other word processor. More often than not, you copy some (invisible) code.

How can you solve this?

Execute these steps to remove the special characters:

  1. Open the XML file in a simple text editor (I always use Notepad++).
  2. Scroll through the text until you see this:
  3. Select the code “ETX”.
  4. In the menu bar, select Search > Replace.
  5. The in step 3 selected code (e.g. a square) is already copied in the Find What field.
  6. Leave the Replace with field empty.
  7. Click the button Replace All.
  8. Save the XML file.
  9. Try the import again.
    If the file will not import, scroll a second time through the text, there could be another special character in the text.

Good luck!

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