Leaving the cave

About me

Born in the city named after a holy man, I grew up happy. My main activities were: playing games with my brother, taking my remote controlled car apart to convert it to a remote controlled boat, trying to break the PC in every possible way. Being a huge fan of the trial-and-error method, I learned a lot.

Latin and Greek were so interesting in high school, I decided to study it to become a Master. During college time, finding out how to type ancient Greek on a PC was the biggest technical challenge. Learning how to study was another one. By the third year, I got the hang of it, and could enjoy a long vacation in Greece (on the isle of Lesbos, beach of Skala Eressou).

Being there on my own for a month, far away from home, I enjoyed life and practised the art of self-reflection. It felt so good, I did it again the following year.

Being all grown up, I entered the educational world, becoming a High School teacher. Struggling to incorporate ICT in my lessons, I was rather successful compared to others.

Sadly, some mystery powers decided teaching was not my destiny.

So I started working as an e-content developer at U&I Learning. A whole new world opened, and I was liking every bit of it.

Finally I discovered what mattered most: the combination of technology and education…

Today I am working at EPYC as a Learning Architect.

I have two kids, a girl and a boy. They make sure I enjoy my life at home… (half of the time)

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