Leaving the cave

Presenter and PowerPoint 2007


This week I had to use Adobe Presenter for the first time. The version used was 7.0.2 with PowerPoint 2007.

Some things worth mentioning:

  • Not all SmartArt with animations are supported. The information about the .5 update stated SmartArt was supported. This technote however, clarified my issues with 3D rotation.
  • The quiz possibilities are limited, the use of images requires some (annoying) workaround: generate the question page and add the images later. If you need to change some functionality, the question page is regenerated, and all formatting is reset.
  • Each slide supports one sound file. All files can be imported at once. After import the syncing between voice and animation can be done.
  • Dutch navigation labels are available, but not for the quiz. All labels can be edited.

All in all, not a bad experience. If you want to create quick and dirty e-learning, Adobe Presenter is one way to get it done, with tools you probably know.
I should try to create the same result without Presenter as well, to see if it can be done…

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