Leaving the cave

Farmer missing


I used to play FarmVille (FV) on Facebook.

Inspired by a post of Steve Wheeler, I’d like to say a few things.

Reason I started playing was the urge to be part of the crowd. Everyone was playing it, so I must too. And of course, I like to try out new games…

Was it an interesting experience? Sure, but enough is enough. Here are the reasons:

  • It really gets time consuming after a while: harvest all your trees, taking care of your animals,… All that’s left is a click-festival.
  • If you are an active farmer (like me), there are friend requests coming in, just to be a neighbour in FV.
    I use Facebook only for people I know in RL (yeah, old fashioned me), so I really bothered me after the 10th request.
  • To keep people in the game, additions are made almost on weekly bases. But it always remains the same principle. For me, it was just more time consuming that way.

Was it all wasted time then?

No. Now I know what it is, and I can talk with people about it (e.g. my neighbour, who is a top farmer).
I can understand the educational value (mostly time management) of it, as described by Steve Wheeler, and others.

Up to the next game. Suggestions (no, I will not play Mafia Wars)?

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